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39 Mike Keyes Irish Tenor Banjo Blog

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15 Adjusting the Truss Rod
16 How to Play Tenor Banjo
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20 Packing your instrument for flight!

Tenor Banjo Strings:
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2 Clareen
3 Eagle Music
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Irish Music sites:

Trad Tune

2 Irish Tune

The Session

4 Tradconnect 

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A warm welcome to all players of Irish Music on the Tenor Banjo.

Members: 1,230

This website was established in February 2010 & is dedicated to promoting the playing of Irish Music on primarily the Tenor Banjo, but also on the Tenor Guitar & the Mandolin.
Joining this site is easy and once you become a member, you will have lots of fun setting up your own page, where you can invite friends & clients to check out your music!
We have 797 VIDEOS.
Please feel free to post VIDEOS of your own playing.
N.B. When posting Videos, please check 1st that they have not already been posted in our Video Library!
We have 1001 PHOTOS
Please feel free to PHOTOS of your own treasured musical instruments & of your experiences while playing them.
You can also help to build up this site, as a useful home for all players & learners of the Irish Tenor Banjo, by posting links to useful Tenor Banjo websites including YouTube Tenor Banjo Videos which have inspired you.
Feel free to initiate discussions too, on any aspect of the Irish Tenor Banjo on our Forum & please use the Blogs to keep us posted on your own Banjo activities.
Please keep us informed too, of all the exciting Tenor Banjo related Events coming up in your own area. 

Before posting, please read the SITE RULES! ...... Thankyou. 

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Latest Activity

Daniel McAuley commented on Steven Ross Hawson's video

Shandon Bells / The Widow Brady - Tenor Banjo Steven Hawson

"Sounds great Steven, terrific tone. What make of banjo are you using? Do you you know if any of your tunes are on sheet music? Regards. Daniel McAuley, Langley, British Columbia."
51 minutes ago
Seamus Reilly updated their profile
Seamus Reilly posted a discussion


I live in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN7 6HU (that's a couple of miles north of London), have a banjo and mando, plus lots of videos and plenty of tabs at hand. After a long lay off, am getting into it again, and would like to hook up with someone willing to help me improve. Thanks all. Email is reillyjamesj@gmail.com or mobile is 07759 809155 See More
Seamus Reilly replied to stiofán's discussion Beginner Looking for help
"Where are are you exactly dude ? Cos I got banjo and mando, need practise myself,but live north of London."
Quentin Page commented on Scott's blog post putting tunes together..
"Hello Scott. To enlarge on the last posting I would like to add that as long as the note your jig finishes on is related to the first note of your reel,it will work,and try some and see if they sound as a natural follow on,as long as it sounds…"
Kenneth Crouch commented on Hans Jørgen Jensen's video

Maid behind the Bar/Salamanca reel

"Very nice.  One of my favorite tunes."
Quentin Page commented on Scott's blog post putting tunes together..
"Hello Scott sorry it's taken so long to reply,yes you can put jigs with reels but I suggest this,if the last note of a jig is the first of a reel and they are low G notes then it will work,I would not put a reel with a jig or the music would…"
Max Couch updated their profile
Byrnsey updated their profile
Byrnsey commented on Steven Ross Hawson's video
Tash replied to Dick Glasgow's discussion Natural Calfskin Heads?
"I wouldn't use any other kind of head. Who would want a plastic banjo?I have fitted several calf-skin vellums to various banjos and it's not hard to do. I did destroy one head by over tensioning it too soon though.One thing to bear in mind…"
Apr 17
Tash updated their profile
Apr 17
Bill Lewis posted a photo

Banjo and Whistle

Playing a session in Ashtabula, Oh. with my good friend John Hoyle.
Apr 17
Dick Glasgow left a comment for Alistair Russell
"Hello Alistair & Welcome! I'm delighted you decided to join us, we are honoured indeed! I hope you have lots of fun setting up your Home Page here. Just before you get too comfortable though, please take a couple of minutes to check…"
Apr 17
Dick Glasgow left a comment for Charles Pitchard
"Hello Charles & Welcome! I'm delighted you decided to join us, we are honoured indeed! I hope you have lots of fun setting up your Home Page here. Just before you get too comfortable though, please take a couple of minutes to check…"
Apr 17
Profile IconAlistair Russell and Charles Pitchard joined The Irish Tenor Banjo
Apr 17
Quentin Page commented on Patrick James Stewart's status
"Hello again Patrick Also the stiffness of the plectrum you use with a short scale banjo will make a very lot of difference to how much sound you get from heavy strings , so do try different thickness plectrums , for me the stiffer the better , but…"
Apr 16
Quentin Page commented on Patrick James Stewart's status
"Hello Patrick. Welcome to the website,you will find it most informative,as for strings,you will find that the heavy setts sold by Andy Perkins , and Eagle Music , etc. are fine and are cheap but if you don't wish to wear out your plectrum too…"
Apr 16
michael joyce updated their profile
Apr 15
Patrick James Stewart posted a status
"What are the best strings to use for a gold tone it250f"
Apr 15

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