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Milwaukee Irishfest: Banjo and Mandolin

Milwaukee is my backyard and as such Irishfest is a don't-miss for me.  This year was no exception as our band, the Drowsy Maggies, played two gigs in harp tent and I was a volunteer for the festival.  I also went to the Summer School in order to take a banjo class with Enda Scahill and a mandolin class with Martin Howley.

I took these classes last year and reported on them in this blog but you can never get enough schooling from such great players and teachers.

But first, I saw a great band, Dallahan, that I want to share with you.

And it's not because  they are playing one of my banjos.  This is a hot band with lots of new material.

WeBanjo3, Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny, John and Maggie Carty, Alasdair Fraser, Tony McManus, Carlos Nunez, and Different Drums of Ireland were just a few of the great acts present.It was a great festival, as usual. If you ever get a chance to go, take it and try to get to the Summer School as you get a lot of perks including free access to the festival.

Here is Martin Howley playing the slip jig "The Good Wife."…


A warm welcome to all players of Irish Music on the Tenor Banjo.

Members: 1,264

This website was established in February 2010 & is dedicated to promoting the playing of Irish Music on primarily the Tenor Banjo, but also on the Tenor Guitar & the Mandolin.
Joining this site is easy and once you become a member, you will have lots of fun setting up your own page, where you can invite friends & clients to check out your music!
We have 797 VIDEOS.
Please feel free to post VIDEOS of your own playing.
N.B. When posting Videos, please check 1st that they have not already been posted in our Video Library!
We have 1001 PHOTOS
Please feel free to PHOTOS of your own treasured musical instruments & of your experiences while playing them.
You can also help to build up this site, as a useful home for all players & learners of the Irish Tenor Banjo, by posting links to useful Tenor Banjo websites including YouTube Tenor Banjo Videos which have inspired you.
Feel free to initiate discussions too, on any aspect of the Irish Tenor Banjo on our Forum & please use the Blogs to keep us posted on your own Banjo activities.
Please keep us informed too, of all the exciting Tenor Banjo related Events coming up in your own area. 

Before posting, please read the SITE RULES! ...... Thankyou. 

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Clumsy lover jig and reel.Charlie Lennon's Reel

"Nice!  I heard Clumsy Lover during the Dublin Irish Music Pub Crawl a month ago.  The accordian player was kind enough to play it for me to video on my phone so I could learn it on whistle and mandolin at home.  Soon after I got home,…"
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Three Reels from "Last of the Summer Ale"

The Boyne Hunt, St Annes Reel and The Maid Behind the Bar. We are in need of an aging male Acoustic Guitarist
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